We sing a welcome song when people arrive. This is followed by about half an hour of musical activities and other age appropriate fun, such as stories, musical instruments and puppets, accompanied by signs. Then have a drink and catch up with the other parents/carers while the children play or do some colouring. We end with the ever popular bubbles and a Goodbye Song with Signing Sam.

Sessions are led by qualified, experienced and insured signers. Well known songs are sung, for example 5 Little Ducks, accompanied by British Sign Language Signs for UK classes and Slovenian Sign Language Signs for Slovenian Classes. Signing is hugely beneficial to preverbal children, those whose speech is developing and those who can already talk. Deaf parents and children are most welcome, as well as those with other communication needs.

It can give children the confidence to communicate, aid expression as well as helping to build vocabulary and positively influence early literacy. It is also a valuable life skill to enable communication with the wider community.

ALL babies and parents/carers are welcome, whether hearing, deaf or with other communication needs.

Classes are £6 per 1hr session and £4 per 30min session.


Classes are held in a relaxed, friendly and informal environment. Feel free to attend to your baby’s needs whether it be nappy changing, feeding or giving snacks. Toys and mats/ a comfy rug are provided (if the room is not carpeted) if you’re baby wants to roll or potter around during the class. As you know they are not robots so cannot be expected to sit and join in all the time, they will do that when they feel like it.

We are teaching you as the parents and carers how to sign and incorporate signing into your daily lives with your babies for the other 6 days and 23 hours you are not with us!

We use British Sign Language Signs. Not only is it an existing language, it has as many signs as you require. It also gives you another language and skill to use in the wider community.

Rolling Programme of Classes

Parents/care givers will learn signs which we consider an excellent foundation to enable you to sign with your child.

Themes include:

  • Essentials e.g. milk, eat, nappy change, bath time
  • Family e.g. Mummy, Daddy
  • Basic animals e.g. cat, dog, bird
  • Feelings e.g. sad, happy, pain
  • Food e.g. cereal, bread, banana
  • Other basics such as essential clothing items and signs for toys, play etc ……..and much more!

These are taught to parents/care givers and children through a variety of methods including stories, songs, rhymes, picture cards, handouts and games.

A variety of age-appropriate instruments are also used.

Themes and activities taught in the class are backed up by clear diagrammatic handouts and song sheets which will aid you signing with your baby when not in class. You will receive a folder in which to keep everything together.

Plenty of repetition is used to aid remembering signs and to engage the children in the well-loved activities such as the bubbles.

Join the programme at any point during the term. If it’s your first time you are welcome to have a FREE taster session in Week 1 then just pay for the remainder of the half term. Classes are £6 per session.