The following comments are just some of the many made by parents, carers and child care professionals who have attended our classes and workshops (they are given an evaluation form after each block of classes or workshop with an SAE attached, which they fill in anonymously and return.)

“Vicki is a great teacher for both Mums and Babies – learning was fun for us.”

“Brilliant! A real eye opener to a world which will be very useful in my work environment.”

“The structure of the lessons is excellent – the repetition is very useful without being dull. I love your passion and enthusiasm. I have spent much of my career assessing/advising teachers and their lessons and I think you and your classes are amongst the best I’ve seen. A superb example of content, pace, engagement and teaching! Thanks you: you are an inspiration and I look forward to part 2.”

“Really enjoyed Berni’s classes and will desperately miss them. The signing learnt has been so valuable.”

“When James first asked for milk I was amazed and then when he downed it I really felt we’d communicated with each other!”

“Vicki’s enthusiasm is infectious, so all the lessons are fun and interesting for both parent and baby.”

“As someone who didn’t know anything about BSL I feel I have gained so much – a new language! I now don’t feel so ignorant when I meet deaf people and I’m even able to have a basic conversation with them. Thank you!!!”

“Fantastic preparation, music, toys, handouts – covered so much. Always renewed previous week at beginning of each class.”

“Very interesting. Learnt a lot of new skills. Would recommend this course to other nursery workers.”

“Another great course. Thank you!”

“We really enjoyed the class Deb, thanks it’s great to be learning something new together!”

“Thank you for teaching us the basics in sign language. I feel I have gained from the experience, both for myself and hopefully I’ll be able to communicate with my baby long before he can talk.”

“A good range of basic, relevant words were taught to encourage signing to become part of everyday life from a young age.”

“I really liked the fact that the lessons were held at Vicki’s house – it just made them really informal and a great learning environment.”

“Superb: interactive with babies and mums and adapting classes to meet the demands of the toddlers and babies and their attention spans. Good use of play aids i.e. bubble machine!”

“Many thanks┬áRachel – sadly I’m back at work when you do the next class but if ever I have another baby!….”

“Relaxed atmosphere – a good, fun hour!”

“I didn’t see any weak areas or feel the need for improvement.”

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(paper copies of all evaluation forms are always kept for a minimum of 6 months and are available to view on request.)