What is Baby Sign Language?

signing04Have you ever looked at your baby and wondered what she is thinking?

‘If only she could talk!’

How do you interpret that look, expression, sound?


Babies quickly learn to clap, wave and point out things. They naturally use gestures. Introducing them to specific signs (hand movements) you are naturally building on this ability and give them the capacity to communicate with you, well before they are able to speak. Babies can coordinate the muscles to make signs long before they can coordinate the muscles to speak.

We use BSL (British Sign Language) in our classes/sessions alongside sJoe Dog wordspeech.

Watch these links of a colleague, laura’s baby signing

Cute signing baby!…Her son signing ‘milk’ at 6 months old

Her daughter Fireese showing some basic signs)

(N.B she is using American Sign Language)

Visit her website for more information www.mysmarthands.com