The SIGN with your BABY® Programme

Vicki Gilbert is a member of the SIGN with your BABY® Instructor’s Network. The first and original Baby Signing Organisation. Visit the website www.sign2me.comEat with S2M

The reason we chose to be affiliated with Sign2me® is we strongly agree that if you are going to use a sign language it’s important to use a recognised language. Sign2me® Instructors use the sign language of the country in which they live, for us this is British Sign Language. We therefore welcome deaf children and parents in our sessions.

Joseph Garcia is the pioneer of the SIGN with your BABY® system/programme. A straightforward and lighthearted approach to showing infants how to communicate using simple sign language. His system draws from his years of research in early childhood development and from his own personal experience of signing with his two sons.

Joseph teaches how using a few simple gestures can make a big difference in empowering and meeting the needs of your baby.

Scientific research is revealing that a baby can understand and express much more than what was previously thought possible. With Joseph’s method you can tap into your baby’s astounding capacity for understanding, and enhance the bonding process by building an earlier foundation for effective communication.

Since it was launched in 1999 The SIGN with your BABY® programme has enabled hundreds of thousands of parents and care givers to successfully establish two-way communication, improve daily interactions and strengthen relationships with their children.