About us

Tiny Signers® (formerly known as Babies Can Sign®)  is an independent teaching organisation based in the UK and Slovenia. We have also taught students and childcare professionals in Austria and Lithuania how to use our techniques. This was part of a European funded project www.tinysigners.eu for which we won a European Language Award.

We deliver fun, good quality, well researched, tried and tested signing sessions for babies and children, either alongside their parents and carers or in childcare settings and schools.

We firmly believe in using the sign system of the country in which we live and have successfully adapted the programme to incorporate this. As our philosophy is firmly rooted in supporting and working alongside the deaf community, this is essential.

Our techniques make it fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. We use musical activities, including use of colourful, child-friendly instruments and popular and traditional songs appropriate for each country.

You are also given the tools to enable you to communicate with your child, whether they are pre verbal, developing speech or learning to read. Many people, especially children, learn better visually and kinaesthetically – by seeing and doing. Our program maximises this potential in a fun, non pressurised way.

Signing Sam

Our resident signing puppet ‘Signing Sam’ helps lead the sessions and adds to the fun! Puppets, pictures, props, stories and much more help enhance learning and bring the topics alive.

Learning all the basics needed to sign with your children – signs for mealtimes, bath and bed time. Animals, family and feelings; all supported by comprehensive handouts.

Many of us use gestures to reinforce what we are saying, often unconsciously. The ability to gesture in young children often comes before vocal ability develops, you will see them clapping hands or waving bye bye. Using signs is merely building on this natural ability to gesture. Using signing does not replace or delay speech, quite the opposite. It supports the spoken language they are beginning to develop. See the Benefits page for more information.

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